Spacing is everything in UI design.

Forget color, forget typography. Getting the spacing right and you’re halfway there. Why?

  • It improves data consumption through better legibility
  • It provides customers with a more consistent user experience
  • It eliminates guesswork and decision fatigue whilst designing and developing
  • It drives consistent scalability
  • It conveys meaning by giving elements a…

As a UX-focused product designer, I’ve always been interested in researching user behavior, visual cues, and different underlying motivations that can have an impact on the user experience. Knowing more about yourself can help grow and further improve collaboration with others.

I’m an INFJ personality type. I discovered that I…

In this post, we will take a look at some of my favorite current UI trends.


Glassmorphism is the newest trend in UI, which is mostly based on an effect called background blur, and it basically creates that “through the glass” look and feel on elements.

It was introduced in…

Microinteractions are the magic little things that keep users coming back to the products they love. They’re the satisfying little details that happen when users perform a single task. Products that use them effectively win the hearts of users and keep them coming back for more.

Microinteractions can be broken…

Fitness and wellness apps have their own unique set of UX design challenges. Clear goal setting, progress tracking, & motivational calls-to-action are just a few specific factors that are critical to the success of any health and fitness app.

Designing the home screen on a fitness app presents very different…

Design critiques are used to help build better products faster and more efficiently.

What’s Design Critique?

So what’s a design critique? It’s the process of giving feedback, improving, and bringing expert insight into interfaces, prototypes, brands, services, user journeys, or even technical difficulties in implementing a design. …

David Martinson

I’m David, a product designer based in NYC. I specialize in UX design and building digital experiences.

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